The objectives of the Project are as follows:

1. To demonstrate, at pilot scale, the feasibility of sustainable and inexpensive technology based on aerobic granular technology to remove organic and inorganic pollutants in groundwater bodies supplying small communities, ensuring the release of nitrogen as N2 and organic matter as CO2, therefore supplying treated water with improved qualities for its final use as drinking water.

2. To carry out the application of biological technologies in groundwater treatment systems for human consumption under strict biosafety control.

3. To draft a Business Plan which facilitates an understanding of the European water purifier market, to establish commercial and industrial strategies for the proposed technology and to guarantee its transferability and replicability in other European regions through firm negotiations with local authorities and public managers.

4. To disseminate the results obtained in order to raise awareness of the proposed solution between citizens, local technicians, water managers and the research community, which will contribute to the replica and transfer of this technology to other geographic areas and economic sectors, both at a local level in other municipalities in the province and at European level in other Union regions.

5. To establish and maintain close contact with other LIFE projects with similar objectives. The purpose of this contact is to contribute to the existing knowledge surrounding groundwater technologies, and to share the results and experiences acquired during the project.