We request to EASME the addition of a new partner: Gedar S.L. – Water and Waste Management.

Construcciones Otero S.L. was declared in state of insolvency some months ago. It is a complicated situation for the company, who cannot guarantee the compliance and continuity of his actions in the framework of the project. Otero S.L. has developed an excellent work on the LIFE ECOGRANULARWATER, participating, in first line, in the design of the treatment plan by biological methods and constructing the bioreactor, as the first phase of the prototype development. The company acquired and installed the necessary equipment in Torre Cardela (Granada), as well as the photovoltaic solar panels, storage batteries and the whole necessary electrical system for the right operation of the biological method. It works in sequential phases by times which have needed to be modified for their optimization.

Nevertheless, the course of time and the optimization of this first phase, allow and force us to move to second phase of the prototype development, which includes the extension of the number of bioreactors. This will allow to increase the treated water volume, guaranteeing the supply in the village.

Groundwater entering the bioreactor, needs to stay a minimum time to ensure the biological denitrification process. Given the size of it, conditioned by the facilities where it has been installed and by the dimension of the standard materials available in the market, the treated water volume is currently below requirements of the municipality (considering the inhabitants and the average consumption by day and person indicated by the national statistics institute). New bioreactors operating simultaneously are necessary.

Among the considered solutions for the progress of the Project, it has seen that the most adequate is the addition of a new partner with technical and economic capacity to continue the works, from the point where they currently stand. The proposed company is GEDAR- Water and Waste Management.

It is a SME located in Chauchina, Granada and specialized in water treatments. This company is an engineering that designs and manufactures equipment for drinking water, industrial process water and wastewater, both industrial and urban, turnkey. Its profile fits perfectly to the needs presented in the LIFE ECOGRANULARWATER Project, which needs, as priority actions, the design, construction and installation of new bioreactors as well as the maintenance of the whole system until the end of the project.

In addition, Gedar S.L. has its own laboratory for chemical, physical and biological analysis, where a chemist makes analysis and tests to optimise the implementation and maintenance of treatments. It also has an engineering and development department responsible for the design of water treatment equipment and a team of technicians for installation and maintenance.

The Provincial Council of Granada has sent all the required documentation to EASME to request the addition of GEDAR S.L. to the LIFE Project and be able to continue with the implementation. In this way, we can guarantee the compliance of the set goals in LIFE ECOGRANULARWATER on schedule. As soon as we receive a response, it will be started the extension of the prototype.