First contact by the health authority

Inspectors from the Territorial Health Delegation of Granada have made an initial visit to Torre Cardela to assess first-hand the biological system installed in the drinking water treatment plant for the removal of nitrates from water intended for human consumption.

By now, the system is still being tested and only will be possible to introduce the water into the supply network if, previously, a favourable health report is obtained from the health authority. This first visit has permit to see on site how the biological plant works and to be able to analyse with more information the request for a health report made by the water supply manager.

In the coming months, the project partners, the Torre Cardela town council and the health authority will work together to carry out all the necessary actions to make it possible for the health authority to authorise this innovative technology. This would provide a new tool to solve the problem of nitrate pollution of water, a concern matter in the Montes Orientales area of the province of Granada.