The Department of Microbiology of the UGR Water Research Institute presented the trajectory of the LIFE Project at EU Water Innovation Conference 2019

The European Water Innovation Conference was held in Zaragoza from December 11 to 13 with the aim of sharing innovative solutions in the exercise of water in both technical and political issues, to make a proper management of available water resources.

Thus, the European Commission organized within the framework of the conferences, a networking day to share the experiences and trajectories of research on water management and treatment framed in LIFE projects.

The University of Granada attended the event to draw on the experience of other LIFE projects and establish relationships with other potential collaborators, as well as present the advance of the LIFE ECOGRANULARWATER project from the beginning of the laboratory-scale research phase to the construction of the plant to scale in Torre Cardela (Granada).

Bárbara Muñoz Palazón, Researcher from the Department of Microbiology of the Research Group on Environmental Techniques of the UGR, presented the results of the lab-scale work:

  • Start-up and operation of granular aerobic systems, based on pure cultures of denitrifying bacteria.
  • Start-up and operation of granular aerobic systems for the elimination of nitrates inoculated with active sludge using different carbon sources for denitrification
  • The impact of pesticides on the new technology

On the other hand, it also presented the activities carried out within the construction and design phase of the real-scale plant in Torre-Cardela, as well as the different experiences carried out in the bioreactor until today.

In addition, at the end of the conference, there were exchanges of practices and experiences through a round table, where the problems of political management were discussed, as well as the incongruities and adversities regarding the drinking water uses (citizens and food industry)

The Department of Microbiology of the Research Group in Environmental Techniques of the UGR continues to monitor the operation of the Plant built in Torre Cardela, Granada, optimizing all operational parameters.


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