The Water Research Institute of UGR has been present in the 46th IAH Congress, Málaga, the results of the hydrogeological study done in Torre Cardela (Granada)

The Hydrogeological Research team of the University of Granada contributes to the dissemination of the advances made, within the framework of the LIFE Project, with the exhibition of a Graphic Poster at the IAH-2019 Congress in Malaga “Groundwater management and governance

On 22nd and 27th September, the 46th World Congress of the International Association of Hydrogeologists was held in Malaga (Spain).

Where Virginia Robles (UGR researcher, Water Research Institute) presented results of the hydrogeological study carried out for a preparatory action of the project, with the poster entitled “Hydrochemical characterization of a nitrates polluted aquifer to test a treatment with biological-base to produce drinking water (LIFE ECOGRANULARWATER project)”.

The congress had nearly 800 registered, from more than 80 countries on five continents. The topics were: water evaluation, management and governance, research and modeling techniques, quality and pollution, wetlands and their natural heritage, karst hydrogeology, urban hydrogeology and socio-economic development in Latin America.

It has been a great opportunity to spread the novel remediation proposal for drinking water that this project proposes, also it has made possible to promote the concern for the knowledge about the status of groundwater bodies, especially for those that support human supplies, and even more in areas with significant water scarcity, located in so many places in the planet.

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