We attend CONAMA 2018

The National Environment Congress (CONAMA) (CONAMA) is the obligatory appointment of the environment for cities, governments, NGOs, universities, companies and entrepreneurial agents. Under the slogan “Towards 20.30.”, CONAMA launches a message of action to all society to advance on the path of sustainability from all sectors.

CONAMA 2018 was held at the Municipal House of Congress in Madrid from 26 to 29 November. It is an unavoidable biannual event for professionals and political representatives of the environmental sector. Plenary sessions, numerous technical sessions, working groups, meetings, workshops, dynamic rooms and stands analyse, debate and present policies, projects and environmental experiences over four intense days.

The program is structured in nine axes around which all the activities are developed:

  1. Energy, eficiency and climate change.
  2. Movility
  3. Urban renewal.
  4. Rural development.
  5. Biodiversity.
  6. Water.
  7. Environmental quality and health.
  8. Waste.
  9. Economy and society.

Two representatives from the Provincial Council of Granada attended the Congress, presenting a technical paper and a poster on the LIFE ECOGRANULARWATER project. Both documents can be consulted at the following link:


Within the extensive programme, the Provincial Council of Granada participated in a training workshop on the LIFE Programme organised by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition, in which the present and future of this financial instrument for the environment were presented and all the doubts raised by the attendees were resolved.

CONAMA also hosted the Meeting of the Network of Local Networks for Sustainable Development, where municipalities from numerous provinces and regions throughout Spain are represented. In the meeting, the projects of environmental sustainability, Agenda 21, environmental education and participation, etc., developed by each of the networks, were put in common.

The LIFE ECOGRANULARWATER project was presented by the Provincial Council of Granada, representing the Granada Network of Municipalities towards Sustainability, making known the proposed technology as a solution to the problem of nitrate pollution of water intended for urban supply.

Attendance at this national event makes it possible to connect with numerous entities in the environmental sector in general and in the water sector in particular. Within the “Water” axis, activities have been held around hydrological planning, adaptation to climate change, circular economy, governance, communication and innovation projects, in which all sectors have been represented: administrations (state, regional and local), universities and other research entities, supply and sanitation companies, consulting companies, irrigation associations, NGOs, etc.

All these sectors are potentially interested in the technology proposed in LIFE ECOGRANULARWATER, mainly local administrations and water supply companies.