It begins the construction of the full-scale plant for the purification of groundwater, polluted by nitrates, to be installed in Torre Cardela

Once the Laboratory Experimentation of the water treatment Plant has been carried out, the technical team of Construcciones OTERO SL and the research teams of both partner Universities, UGR (Spain) and  AALTO (Finland), have designed and dimensioned all the components that will make up the treatment plant on a real scale.Ver / More

Exchange and cooperation Networks between LIFE ECOGRANULARWATER Project and others Water LIFE Projects

The LIFE ECOGRANULARWATER Project is carrying out the development of Networking activities – networking, exchange and cooperation – with other projects, mainly those co-financed by the LIFE Program and working or having worked on issues related to its scope of action: elimination of nitrates from surface and groundwater, innovative water purification techniques, improvement of the quality of aquatic ecosystems, techniques for the prevention of pollution by nitrates, etc.Ver / More

Identification of the areas with the greatest potential of transferability and replicability of the new purification technology implemented by Ecogranularwater Life project

One of the main objectives of the LIFE ECOGRANULARWATER project is to ensure the technology developed in Torre Cardela will be capable of being transferred to other municipalities and contributes to the purification of groundwater contaminated by nitrates from agricultural sources, with a lower cost than current systems and with a lower environmental impact.Ver / More